Tim Wareing - Director and Head Coach

Tim Wareing is from Belfast and has been involved in football all his life. Holding the prestigious UEFA European ‘A’ Licence, he has over fifteen years’ football coaching experience. This extends from grassroots, to semi-professional level. During his six years at Irish Premiership Club, Lisburn Distillery, he implemented a very successful Youth Academy.

He has travelled around some of the top European clubs, including FC Barcelona, Braga, Ajax and PSV Eindhoven, where he studied and exchanged ideas in youth development.

His elite programme has featured on ITV and a number of National newspapers.

Paul Cooper of ‘Give Us Back Our Game’ says: ‘I have travelled extensively as both football coach and writer and have found no one who has a passion for the game to match that of Tim’s. His secret is that he has a deep knowledge of coaching but also understands how children develop and learn. It is rare to have both.

What Tim has achieved in Northern Ireland is nothing short of astonishing and the smiles on the children’s faces are testimony to his outstanding work.’

Tim says: ‘I have been passionate about football since playing in the street as a child. I try to instil this passion in my coaches and through them to the children. I believe in good coaching technique which uses the ball and in many hours of practice. This, I am positive, will lead to a player acquiring high-quality technical skills.

With the demise of street football the technical ability in children has dropped. We now need to get children and our players practicing even more. My philosophy will offer all players, parents and coaches information on how to improve technical ability in a fun, varied approach through always using the ball.

My coaching methods have produced Youth Internationals, and they continue to improve the overall ability of all players.

Come and join my coaching family and I guarantee to develop your ability and enjoyment.’

Tim Wareing - Director and Head Coach

Tim Wareing - Director and Head Coach

Who really is Tim Wareing & what does he believe in?