Coach Tim’s Shooting Session

For all those 'coaches' who insist lining 20 kids up to lay a ball off for you to do a flick & for them to shoot then wait 5 minutes before getting their second go please read my session notes below & watch the video!

These outdated methods need to change & parents need to watch out for them.  A line of 20 kids offers 20 shots really means that your child receives 2 touches while the coach receives 20 touches every says it all!

Coach Tim's Shooting Session

Watch the video highlights

Coach Tim's Shooting Session


Great session to work on passing, touch & finishing.


Session takes place around the 18 yard box.  Set 4 cones up as shown in the diagram.  Players positioned at the cones on the goal line should each have a ball.

The same amount of players stand at the cone facing them.  The beauty of this session is it cuts down on long lines & moves fast.


Player B checks before receiving a pass from player A.  Player B meets the ball before playing a return pass to player A who moves away from the cone to receive.

Player B then makes an angled run to receive the pass from player A.  Once received player B finishes with a shot at goal.

Players then switch roles.  Rotate from either side.


  1. Have players operate from either side so they use both feet.
  2. Vary distance & technique of pass & shot.


  • Check run before receiving pass, i.e. move away from cone, push off with arm & meet ball.
  • Quality passing - weight & accuracy.
  • Meet the ball.
  • Quality lay off.
  • Movement & communication.
  • Shooting technique - body over ball, standing foot alongside ball, eyes on the ball + head steady, toes of the striking foot point down towards ground, strike across middle of the ball with laces.
  • Quality finishing - follow shots in.
  • Work both feet.
  • Goalkeeping technique.

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