‘1-on-1 Coaching The Secrets To Improve ALL Football Players – GUARANTEED!’

I have just published my second book, '1-on-1 Coaching The Secrets To Improve ALL Football Players - GUARANTEED!'  Below is a quick over view from my publisher.  I am very pleased with the book; I am basically sharing with you my entire programme.  Please support my project and spread the news about my new book.

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Tim Wareing's methods will improve ALL players!

What does the book offer?

'1-on-1 Coaching The Secrets To Improve ALL Football Players - GUARANTEED!' by Tim Wareing.   Tim Wareing is a highly sought after coach.  With over 15 years coaching experience and having achieved the prestigious UEFA European 'A' Licence at the age of 24, his methods and coaching philosophy are known and respected worldwide.

'The tactics & philosophies of a UEFA A Licence Coach who has European Clubs monitoring his players talents.'

Who is Tim Wareing & how can he develop my players?

Tim spent 6 years at Irish Premier League side, Lisburn Distillery.  He held roles as Reserve Team Manager and under 18 Manager.  He played his part in developing Youth International Players and players for the first team, before setting up a very successful Academy for the Club.

He continues to travel on a regular basis across Europe to continue learning and sharing his coaching philosophy.  Tim has visited FC Barcelona, Ajax, PSV Eindhoven and Braga.  His training methods will improve ALL players through using the latest and most innovative procedures.

With a host of clients and clubs requesting Tim to work with them, and families travelling from New York and Paris to access his coaching, he has put his award -winning programme together in this book.  '1-on-1 Coaching The Secrets To Improve ALL Footballers - GUARANTEED!' not only provides readers with his session plans, but includes information on his successful blue print on how to coach players on a 1-to-1 basis.  He has also included a section on his renowned 'Player Development Plan'.

This book has been specially designed, so that each session is simple to follow, yet includes the coaching points that Tim offers to his players.  Today, when we see less and less street football, the technical ability of our players is decreasing.  '1-on-1 Coaching The Secrets To Improve ALL Footballers - GUARANTEED!' will change that and improve everyone's technical ability and game understanding.

Videos of Tim at work...

1-on-1 Coaching by Tim Wareing

1-on-1 Coaching by Tim Wareing 2

1-on-1 Coaching by Tim Wareing 3


'Luke has been receiving 1-on-1 coaching from Tim for over two years.  He has been part of Tim's community programme from the age of six.  After six months of Tim working with Luke he was invited into the Liverpool Academy based in Belfast.  He has also been invited to the IFA County Down and Excellence Programme.  A number of clubs are monitoring Luke's development after a successful performance in Holland on Tim's Academy tour as well as a great season with his club.  I can't speak highly enough of the importance of 1-on-1 coaching and how it has developed my son's talent and ability.'

Martin Kenny, parent of Luke
Current Liverpool Belfast Academy Student

'It is vitally important that children are fully developed as individual players as well as team players.  On a recent visit to Northern Ireland I observed the excellent work carried out by the TWSports.Org Group in relation to not only team development but also the individual development coaching given.'

Martien Pennings, Coach PSV Eindhoven (Holland)

'Parents have to understand the need that if they want their child to become a football player it is essential they receive 1-on-1 coaching.  Approximately 80% of clubs focus on the team and not the individual development.  The TWSports.Org Group offer this essential 1-on-1 development.'

Hugo Vicente, Coach Braga (Portugal)

'What the TWSports.Org Group is doing is exceptional, it is different from what anyone else in Northern Ireland is doing, you try to bring the kids together at similar levels and start to work on that.  At TWAcademy.Org it is all football related and child centred unlike other coaching which focuses on the physical aspect and not the talent.'

Bert-Jan (BJ) Heijmans, Director Dutch UK Football School

'It is vital importance that young players develop good 1 v 1 skills, this will make for a more dynamic player in the future.  The TWSports.Org Group continue to strive forward with a new excellence coaching structure headed by Tim Wareing.  This offers young elite players additional opportunities to hone their skills in conjunction with their club activities.  As the great Pele said, "When you control the ball you control the game".'

Paul Kirk, UEFA Pro Licence Coach
Former manager of Premier League Side, Distillery

'My son has been attending 1-on-1 coaching with Tim Wareing for over 18 months.  We have seen a huge improvement, not only in his footballing skills, but also, in his overall concentration and confidence.  Tim is an excellent coach.'

Gareth Campbell, Parent

Coach Tim, UEFA A Licence Coach

About the Author...

Tim Wareing is from Belfast and has been involved in football all his life.  Holding the prestigious UEFA European ‘A’ Licence, he has over fifteen years’ football coaching experience.  This extends from grassroots, to semi-professional level.  During his six years at Irish Premiership Club, Lisburn Distillery, he implemented a very successful Youth Academy.

He has travelled around some of the top European clubs, including FC Barcelona, Braga, Ajax and PSV Eindhoven, where he studied and exchanged ideas in youth development.

His elite programme has featured on ITV and a number of National newspapers.

Paul Cooper of ‘Give Us Back Our Game’ says: ‘I have travelled extensively as both football coach and writer and have found no one who has a passion for the game to match that of Tim’s.  His secret is that he has a deep knowledge of coaching but also understands how children develop and learn.  It is rare to have both.

What Tim has achieved in Northern Ireland is nothing short of astonishing and the smiles on the children’s faces are testimony to his outstanding work.’

Tim says: ‘I have been passionate about football since playing in the street as a child.  I try to instil this passion in my coaches and through them to the children.  I believe in good coaching technique which uses the ball and in many hours of practice This, I am positive, will lead to a player acquiring high-quality technical skills.

With the demise of street football the technical ability in children has dropped.  We now need to get children and our players practicing even more.  This book will offer all players, parents and coaches information on how to improve technical ability in a fun, varied approach through always using the ball.

My coaching methods have produced Youth Internationals, and they continue to improve the overall ability of all players.  I wish to share my philosophy, so that you too can take some ideas to add to your own sessions and individual work- whether you are a player, parent or coach.  Enjoy.’

Tim is also author of, ‘Toddler Soccer The Essential Guide’, that has sold in over 20 different countries.  You can order a copy from here; www.ToddlerSoccer.Org/book

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