Transfer Window

The Premiership transfer window has been quiet apart from Newcastle's new arrival but up & down the country there is a lot of dirty tactics being used with players being captured and lured.  Not by professional clubs in professional leagues, but my junior clubs in the youth leagues!

Is your child playing for a football team yet?  How have they been treated this season?  Do they play the same amount of football as others?  Are they receiving a good education?  Is the training good?

Watching a number of clubs I continually see poor training methods, so called favourites playing every game while the same children sit out, over excited adults cheering and jeering.  But what comes as a real shock to many parents is after a long hard year the so called coach looks to replace your child!


Youth football has a busier transfer window than the Premiership now!

It's that time of the season again when you see posters popping up all over the place from clubs offering trials.  Some clubs go that bit further from the dodgy looking posters of, 'Like football? Join Us!', to features on their websites.

Some go as far as writing letters to current players and parents letting them know that their child's place is not guaranteed next season.  How do parents feel receiving letters like this after a season of insuring their child arrives to every training schedule and match programme.  Some maybe going further and offering lifts to other children, washing the kit and of course paying their subs!

It makes me laugh.  When I see a poster about trials it makes me think that the club doesn't have a good enough development programme in place.  Thus the players aren't developing at the level they hope for.  How do they solve the problem?  They threaten to get rid of some of the players and replace them with more developed players from another club.  Many coming from a club that has in place a good technical development programme and coaches that can work with young players.

Short term the club may see some improvement from poaching these new players.  Long term the promising players that have arrived don't continue to develop as players and like the children from the previous season will be replaced.  The funny thing is some of the disregarded players are being invited back in.  The sad thing about it is that many children are leaving the game in their droves.

I believe in trials at the end of the season, but instead of it being for players why not have it for coaches?  The ones I'm talking about are the ones who shout at kids, make gestures like Jose and swagger up the touch line in their tracksuit with their initials printed on their top.  'But hey, you can't replace me, I've just done my Level 1 and I'm qualified!'  Give us a break...

Let me have your feedback.  Remember for those wanting to access additional, high quality coaching you can register your interest with me for the TWAcademy.Org.  Children involved with me over the past year have been coached to a very high standard along with receiving opportunities to be coached by SL Benfica & PSV Eindhoven.  In fact I will be taking my academy to West Bromwich Albion in May for a match, training and to see the final Premiership game of the season against Arsenal!  Last August we flew to London and played Fulham and the North Kent Academy.  The year before we were in Holland and played PSV Eindhoven!

For more info about the programme or if you need advice on training methods contact me by email.

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