Fun Christmas Coaching Session

The kids are getting very excited at this time of year that attend my weekly football centres with Christmas & Santa!  So I developed some fun games that encourage dribbling, passing accuracy, shooting, vision, creativity & freedom!  These games are perfect for Toddler Soccer & even the younger children in Mini Soccer.  They keep to the Christmas theme but you can also easily change them to suit other holiday periods like Easter or Halloween!  Have fun & drop me an email to let us know how you get on with the games!

Holiday Season Games

Holiday Season Games


These games are great for holiday time & can easily be adapted to serve Christmas, Easter or Halloween.

I have based my games below on a Christmas theme but you can change them to the Easter Bunny or Casper the Friendly Ghost!


Every player has a ball inside a 20 x 20 yard grid.  Set up mini games as instructed below.


At Christmas at Toddler Soccer we play loads of fun themed games...

  1. Warm up planting Christmas Trees. Get the toddlers to place a number of pop up orange cones around the coaching area.  They then run around them.  You can then ask them to decorate them by giving them small disc cones to place on the top.  Now introduce the ball for them to dribble around the trees.  You can add another fun game by having them try to knock down the trees why you fix them.
  2. Deliver the presents. All the balls (presents) are placed in the middle of the grid.  On the whistle the toddlers become 'Santa' & have to dribble (deliver) the presents to the children's homes (the goals)
  3. Knock the head off the Snowman. Using the large dome cones (snowman's body) balance a ball on top (the head).  Set up a number of them & then have the toddlers pass their footballs (snow balls) to try & knock the snowman's head off!
  4. Find the snow. Hide 10 white cones (snow) under other colour cones, i.e. yellow snow (cones!) & red cones (chimney!)  Ask the toddlers to close their eyes while you hide 10 or so white cones.  Hide them under other coloured cones or maybe on someone's head!  They simply have to find the snow.  When they find snow (a white cone) they bring it into you!
  5. Snow ball fight. For a bit of fun at the end you can have a snow ball fight.  Let the toddlers throw snow balls (the ball) at you.  Make sure you make funny noises, fall funny - simply increase the fun by acting like a clown!


  1. Vary what part of the foot you use, i.e. outside of the foot, laces, etc.
  2. Have a competition between the toddlers, i.e. time them on the above games.
  3. Increase distance for accuracy games.


  • Dribbling & skills.
  • Accuracy of pass.
  • Weight of pass.
  • Standing foot pointing at target.
  • Head up.
  • Use of both feet.

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