Finding Nemo

For those that don't know my team & I operate over 25 different Toddler Soccer Centres throughout Northern Ireland.  Last week & over the weekend we played a fun game using the popular Disney movie, 'Finding Nemo'.  At this age using familiar movies or cartoon characters is perfect to motivate & relate to kids under the age of 5.  Imagination is key...let your inhibition go & have fun being a big kid yourself!  If you want to read more about my structure click here.  Below you will find my coaching notes...

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo


A great game that toddlers can relate to as one of their favourite movies!

Movement, awareness, dribbling & co-ordination & passing.


In a 20 x 20 yard area set up a number of small traffic cones.

Ensure that you have enough cones for the size of your group.  Space the cones around the grid.


The toddlers are 'Nemo' & they 'swim' (run!) around all the rocks (cones).

The coaches are the 'sharks'.  When they shout, 'shark attack!'  The toddlers (Nemo) must hide behind one of the rocks (cones) so the sharks can't catch them.  If any of the sharks catch a 'Nemo' they then help the coaches & become a shark.


  1. Introduce a ball (Baby Nemo) & all the toddlers must dribble baby nemo around the ocean with them.  Again you can continue the same concept as above in 'shark attack.'
  2. To develop the session you can now encourage the toddlers to knock the rocks (cones) over with their ball.  This will help passing accuracy & is a lot of fun!  After knocking them all over they must fix the cones by balancing on one leg & fixing the cones up with their other foot - no hands!  You can maybe give the instructions, 'Messy Nemo' to knock the cones over & 'Tidy Nemo' to fix them back up.
  3. Finish with a little game called, 'Finding Nemo!'  Have a number of small orange disc cones (these are Nemo!) & hide them under another coloured cone like blue or yellow.  Also place a number of blue & yellow cones out around the grid with no orange cones placed directly underneath.  The blue & yellow cones are shells or rocks & the toddlers are sent out to find Nemo!


  • Listening skills.
  • Awareness.
  • Dribbling technique.
  • Passing accuracy.
  • Co-ordination & balance.

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