Parent & Player Welcome Pack

I thought I'd take the time to share with you my parent & player pack.  This is something I produce at the start of every season & pass around players & parents.  This has been my template as Academy Director at Irish Premiership side, Lisburn Distillery.  I believe it is essential to have good communication levels with parents & players.  At the same time it is essential to outline how you wish to operate your sessions, preparation before, after & during along with the important match day.

Communicate with players & parents

This is something which most coaches miss out.  Remember not all parents know football.  They maybe haven't played it so don't know about what us coaches see as basics, i.e. what boots, shin pads, behaviour.  As coaches we have an important role to play & we must insure we provide good information & communication to parents & player.  This also helps keep things running smoothly.  It allows parents to know what support they should be offering their child.

Only the other day did I have a parent asking me what trainers they should buy their child as she only had girls before her son arrived!  I also have heard about other parents being baffled to what shin pads are - never presume everyone knows what we are talking about!  Another common factor that is always brought up is touchline behaviour & parents 'coaching' from the side.  If you detail from the start how you expect your parents to behave this should minimise the problems.

Most importantly, respect the parents & communicate!  If it wasn't for mum & dad we wouldn't have their child along to training, matches & all those favours we ask from assisting with lifts to sponsor walks.  Hopefully you'll find my welcome pack informative.  Please respect the time & effort I have put into putting this together.  If you would like to use or share attach a link to my blog.  At the same time adapt it to suit your team.  Let me have your feedback & comments...

Welcome to TW Academy!

Dear Parent & Player

Please keep this in a safe place for reference.

Welcome to the Academy.  Your child & their development is the most important thing to us.  We guarantee that we will improve your child’s technical ability & game understanding in a fun, relaxed environment.

Please take time to read the following points that we hope ensure an enjoyable experience for both player & parent.

If you require any further advice you can contact me on 077 4012 0788 or by email,

IMPORTANT LINKS - You will find two short videos of 1-to-1 coaching featuring one of our 98 players, Luke.  A number of the tricks & skills in these videos are named after players.  We expect all Academy players to practice these skills.

www.TWAcademy.Org/players/ - This is the parent & player section of the Academy website.  Here you will be able to read & print off information on diet, health (including what players should be eating / drinking before, during & after games), practice sessions, information nights & tours.

We have coaches from Braga & Benfica over during May to operate elite camps & hope to organise a tour to Portugal to visit & play against Braga toward the end of August.

www.TWAcademy.Org/tim/ - Will offer you more information on me & the Academy team along with my philosophy.

www.DutchSoccer4s.Org/who/ - Here you will find why we operate 4 v 4 games at the end of most sessions.  We want players to play with freedom with little to no coaching – the game is the teacher!  It will show the Manchester United study on how 4 v 4 is so much more beneficial than the likes of 8 v 8.  Also there is a section on the games that we will use in the Academy, players should be familiar with them.


All players are expected to attend all training sessions & arrive 10 minutes before the start of each session.  This is very important as to receive an appropriate warm up.

It is parents responsibility to contact their players coach to advise of non attendance.  This should be organised in advance as training sessions are organised to suit each squad size.  It also allows parents to receive important announcements that are made at the end of each session.


All players are expected to arrive & depart training in the TW Academy polo & tracksuit.  On arrival they should change into the Academy kit (orange top, white shorts & orange socks) along with black rain jacket, boots & shin pads.


Players should pack their own kit bag the night before a game with the assistance of a parent.  Please don’t do this for your son as this is an important routine for your child to learn.  Players should have their uniform ready.  They should pack their boots (cleaned), shin pads, towel, change of clothes, toiletries, drinks (water or still sports drinks & child’s name should be marked on bottles), snack (banana, jaffa cakes or fig rolls.)


Players are reminded that at TW Academy their behaviour is expected to be exemplary at all times.

Players should be courtesy to all Club officials, coaches, parents & team mates.

The use of bad language or bad behaviour on or off the pitch will not be tolerated.

Players must remove jewellery before coaching sessions & are reminded not to bring valuables with them.  Players must show good sportsmanship at all times.  Good team spirit is very important; therefore encourage team mates, especially when a mistake is made.

Verbal, racist & physical abuse is totally unacceptable & will not be tolerated.


It would be impossible to run our programme effectively without the support of parents, & we are grateful for any assistance you can give.

We ask that parents don’t coach their son - this must be left to the coaches - & expectations of him should always be realistic.

To allow coaching sessions to run efficiently & without undue distraction for both players & coaches, parents are asked to keep away from the coaching area for the duration of active coaching.

Unless they have consulted a coach, parents should refrain from giving feedback to players regarding their performance.  This avoids over repetition of or contradiction of a coach’s advice which can lead to confusion or frustration for a player.

To help a player understand the need to develop self-confidence, positive parental support is essential, particularly in times of disappointment.  During matches parents should set a good example by supporting the teams positively.  Please refrain from shouting unencouraging views & ‘coaching’.  Respect opponents & match officials.


Parents should ensure that their child is receiving enough sleep throughout the week & at weekends, especially the evening before a game or training.  Each child should be getting at least 10 hours sleep every night.

We would also advise you to take note of every physical session your child takes part in.  They should also have a balanced diet & ensure they drink enough fluids; this is especially important before & after training sessions & matches.


All children are encouraged to attend a TWSports.Org Mini Soccer Centre / DutchSoccer4s.Org Centre.  You can attend from as little as £3 per week while you remain at the Academy.  For those with younger brothers & sisters we operate ToddlerSoccer.Org!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any further information required about the Academy or advice on player’s preparation, diet, etc.

Yours in Sport

Tim Wareing
Academy Director & Head Coach

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